List of Lebanese municipalities (may 2016)

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Lebanese Ministry of Interior and Municipalities -

Data used in the following tables and charts are based from the 2016 municipal and ikhtiaria-s elections results, published by the Lebanese Ministry of Interior and Municipalities in May, June and July 2016.

During the municipal and iktiariah-s elections of 2016, there were 1029 municipalities (12 228 elected municipal councilors) distributed according to 8 muhafazah-s and 25 kaza-s.

The muhafazah (محافظة) is an administrative division of Lebanon. It is generally divided into kaza-s (قضاء). During 2017, the number of muhafazah-s increased from eight to nine, with the creation of an additional, Kesrouane Al Fatouh - Jbeil.
List of Lebanese municipalities (may 2016)
Muhafazah Kaza Municipality
Aakkar Aakkar Aabboudiyeh
Aakkar Aakkar Aadbil
Aakkar Aakkar Aaidamoun - Chikhlar
Aakkar Aakkar Aaiyat
Aakkar Aakkar Aakkar El Aatiqa
Aakkar Aakkar Aamair - Rajm Aissi
Aakkar Aakkar Aamaret El Baykat
Aakkar Aakkar Aandqet
Aakkar Aakkar Aaouadeh
Aakkar Aakkar Aaouainat (Aakkar)
Aakkar Aakkar Aarqa
Aakkar Aakkar Aayoun (Aakkar)
Aakkar Aakkar Aayoun El Ghizlane
Aakkar Aakkar Ain El Zehab
Aakkar Aakkar Ain Ez Zayt
Aakkar Aakkar Ain Yaaqoub
Aakkar Aakkar Akroum
Aakkar Aakkar Bani Sakhr
Aakkar Aakkar Bebnine - Aabdé
Aakkar Aakkar Beino - Qboula
Aakkar Aakkar Beit Ayoub
Aakkar Aakkar Beit El Hajj
Aakkar Aakkar Beit Mellat
Aakkar Aakkar Beit Younes
Aakkar Aakkar Berbara (Aakkar)
Aakkar Aakkar Berqayel
Aakkar Aakkar Bezbina (Aakkar)
Aakkar Aakkar Bireh (Aakkar)
Aakkar Aakkar Borj (Aakkar)
Aakkar Aakkar Borj El Aarab
Aakkar Aakkar Bqerzla
Aakkar Aakkar Bzal
Aakkar Aakkar Chadra
Aakkar Aakkar Chane
Aakkar Aakkar Chaqdouf (Aakkar)
Aakkar Aakkar Charbila
Aakkar Aakkar Cheikh Aayache
Aakkar Aakkar Cheikh Mohammad
Aakkar Aakkar Cheikh Taba
Aakkar Aakkar Daghleh
Aakkar Aakkar Dahr El Qanbar
Aakkar Aakkar Dahr Laissineh
Aakkar Aakkar Daoura (Aakkar)
Aakkar Aakkar Daoussa - Baghdadi
Aakkar Aakkar Deir Dalloum - Zouq El Moqachrine
Aakkar Aakkar Deir Jannine
Aakkar Aakkar Dibbabiyeh
Aakkar Aakkar Douair Aadouiyeh
Aakkar Aakkar Fardh
Aakkar Aakkar Fnaydeq
Aakkar Aakkar Fsaqine - Ain Aachma - Ain Tinta
Aakkar Aakkar Ghzayleh
Aakkar Aakkar Halba
Aakkar Aakkar Hayssa
Aakkar Aakkar Haytla
Aakkar Aakkar Hayzouq
Aakkar Aakkar Hichi
Aakkar Aakkar Hmaireh (Aakkar)
Aakkar Aakkar Houaich
Aakkar Aakkar Hrar
Aakkar Aakkar Ilat
Aakkar Aakkar Jdaidet (Aakkar)
Aakkar Aakkar Jdaidet El Qayteaa
Aakkar Aakkar Jebrayel
Aakkar Aakkar Jermnaiya - El Ram
Aakkar Aakkar Karm Aasfour - Beit Ghattas
Aakkar Aakkar Kfar Toun
Aakkar Aakkar Khat El Batrol
Aakkar Aakkar Khirbet Char
Aakkar Aakkar Khirbet Daoud (Aakkar)
Aakkar Aakkar Khreibet Ej Jindi
Aakkar Aakkar Kouachra
Aakkar Aakkar Koucha
Aakkar Aakkar Koueikhat
Aakkar Aakkar Kroum Aarab
Aakkar Aakkar Machha
Aakkar Aakkar Machta Hammoud
Aakkar Aakkar Machta Hassan
Aakkar Aakkar Majdala
Aakkar Aakkar Mar Touma
Aakkar Aakkar Massaaoudiyeh
Aakkar Aakkar Mazraat Baldeh
Aakkar Aakkar Mchaylha
Aakkar Aakkar Mechmech (Aakkar)
Aakkar Aakkar Memneaa
Aakkar Aakkar Mhammara (Aakkar)
Aakkar Aakkar Minyara
Aakkar Aakkar Mounjez
Aakkar Aakkar Mounseh
Aakkar Aakkar Mqaitaa - Qaabrine - Kfar Melki - Rmoul
Aakkar Aakkar Mqaybleh
Aakkar Aakkar Nahriyeh - Boustane El Herch
Aakkar Aakkar Naoura
Aakkar Aakkar Nfisseh
Aakkar Aakkar Ouadi Ej Jamous
Aakkar Aakkar Ouadi El Haour
Aakkar Aakkar Ouadi Khaled
Aakkar Aakkar Qabaait
Aakkar Aakkar Qachlaq
Aakkar Aakkar Qantara (Aakkar)
Aakkar Aakkar Qarqaf
Aakkar Aakkar Qbaiyat (Aakkar)
Aakkar Aakkar Qenia
Aakkar Aakkar Qleiaat (Aakkar)
Aakkar Aakkar Qorneh (Aakkar)
Aakkar Aakkar Qoubbet Chamra
Aakkar Aakkar Qraiyat
Aakkar Aakkar Rahbeh
Aakkar Aakkar Rihaniyeh (Aakkar)
Aakkar Aakkar Rmah
Aakkar Aakkar Sahlé
Aakkar Aakkar Sayssouq
Aakkar Aakkar Sfinet Ed Drayb
Aakkar Aakkar Sfinet El Qayteaa
Aakkar Aakkar Sindianet Zeidane
Aakkar Aakkar Souaisset Aakkar
Aakkar Aakkar Tacheaa
Aakkar Aakkar Tall Aabbas Ech Charqi
Aakkar Aakkar Tall Aabbas El Gharbi
Aakkar Aakkar Tall Bireh
Aakkar Aakkar Tall Meaayane
Aakkar Aakkar Talleh - Chattaha
Aakkar Aakkar Tikrit
Aakkar Aakkar Tleil
Aakkar Aakkar Zouarib
Aakkar Aakkar Zouq El Hassineh
Aakkar Aakkar Zouq Haddara
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Aansar
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Aarsal
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Aaynata (Baalbek)
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Ain (Baalbek)
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Baalbek
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Barqa
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Bechouat
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Bednayel (Baalbek)
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Beit Chama - Aaqidiyeh
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Beit Mchaikh
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Bouday - Aallaq Et Tell
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Brital
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Btedaai
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Chaat
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Chlifa
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Chmistar - Gharbeh Baalbek
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Deir El Ahmar
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Douris
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Fekeheh
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Flaoueh
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Hadath (Baalbek)
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Haouch Barada
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Haouch En Nabi
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Haouch Er Rafqa
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Haouch Snaid
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Haouch Tall Safiyeh
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Haour Taala 
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Harbata
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Hizzine
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Hlabta
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Iaat
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Jabbouleh
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Jebaa
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Jenta
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Kfar Dane 
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Khodr (Baalbek)
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Khreibeh (Baalbek)
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Kneisseh (Baalbek)
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Laboueh
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Maaraboun
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Majdaloun
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Maqneh
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Masnaa Ez Zohr
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Mazraat Al Souaydane
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Mazraat Er Remassa
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Mazraat Et Tout
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Mazraat Qold Es Sabaah
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Moqraq
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Nabha Ed Damdoum
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Nabha El Mehfara
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Nabha El Qeddam
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Nabha Qlayleh - Nabha Harfouch 
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Nabi Chit
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Nabi Osmane
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Nahleh
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Ouadi Faara
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Qaa Baalbek
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Qarha (Baalbek)
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Qsarnaba
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Ram - Jabaniyé
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Ras Baalbek
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Saaideh
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Serraaine El Faouqa
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Serraine Et Tahta
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Talia
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Taoufiqiyeh
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Taraya
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Taybeh (Baalbek)
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Temnine El Faouqa
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Temnine Et Tahta
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Yammouneh
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Younine
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Zabboud
Baalbek-Hermel Baalbek Zrazir
Baalbek-Hermel Hermel Charbine El Hermel 
Baalbek-Hermel Hermel Chouaghir Et Tahta - Chouaghir El Faouqa
Baalbek-Hermel Hermel Fissane
Baalbek-Hermel Hermel Hermel
Baalbek-Hermel Hermel Jouar el Hachich
Baalbek-Hermel Hermel Kouakh
Baalbek-Hermel Hermel Mazraat Sejoud (Hermel)
Baalbek-Hermel Hermel Qasr (Hermel)
Beqaa Beqaa Ouest Aammiq (Beqaa Ouest)
Beqaa Beqaa Ouest Aana
Beqaa Beqaa Ouest Aaytanit
Beqaa Beqaa Ouest Ain Et Tineh (Beqaa Ouest)
Beqaa Beqaa Ouest Ain Zebdeh
Beqaa Beqaa Ouest Baaloul (Beqaa Ouest)
Beqaa Beqaa Ouest Bab Mareaa
Beqaa Beqaa Ouest Ghazzeh
Beqaa Beqaa Ouest Haouch El Harimeh
Beqaa Beqaa Ouest Joubb Jannine
Beqaa Beqaa Ouest Kamed El Laouz
Beqaa Beqaa Ouest Kefraiya (Beqaa Ouest)
Beqaa Beqaa Ouest Khiara
Beqaa Beqaa Ouest Khirbet Qanafar
Beqaa Beqaa Ouest Lala
Beqaa Beqaa Ouest Libbaya
Beqaa Beqaa Ouest Machghara
Beqaa Beqaa Ouest Manara - Hammara
Beqaa Beqaa Ouest Mansoura (Beqaa Ouest)
Beqaa Beqaa Ouest Marj (Beqaa Ouest)
Beqaa Beqaa Ouest Maydoun - Loussia
Beqaa Beqaa Ouest Qaraaoun
Beqaa Beqaa Ouest Qelaya
Beqaa Beqaa Ouest Raouda
Beqaa Beqaa Ouest Saghbine
Beqaa Beqaa Ouest Saouiri
Beqaa Beqaa Ouest Sohmor
Beqaa Beqaa Ouest Soultan Yaaqoub
Beqaa Beqaa Ouest Tall Znoub
Beqaa Beqaa Ouest Yohmor (Beqaa Ouest)
Beqaa Beqaa Ouest Zilaya
Beqaa Rachaiya Aaqabet Rachaiya
Beqaa Rachaiya Aayha
Beqaa Rachaiya Aayta El Foukhar
Beqaa Rachaiya Ain Aarab (Rachaiya)
Beqaa Rachaiya Ain Aata
Beqaa Rachaiya Ain Horcheh
Beqaa Rachaiya Bakka
Beqaa Rachaiya Bakkifa (Rachaiya)
Beqaa Rachaiya Beit Lahia
Beqaa Rachaiya Bireh (Rachaiya)
Beqaa Rachaiya Dahr El Ahmar
Beqaa Rachaiya Deir El Aachayer
Beqaa Rachaiya Haouch El Qinnaabeh (Rachaiya)
Beqaa Rachaiya Heloueh (Rachaiya)
Beqaa Rachaiya Kaoukaba Bou Aarab
Beqaa Rachaiya Kfar Denis
Beqaa Rachaiya Kfar Michki
Beqaa Rachaiya Kfar Qouq
Beqaa Rachaiya Khirbet Rouha
Beqaa Rachaiya Majdel Balhis
Beqaa Rachaiya Mdoukha
Beqaa Rachaiya Mhaiydseh (Rachaiya)
Beqaa Rachaiya Rachaiya
Beqaa Rachaiya Rafid (Rachaiya)
Beqaa Rachaiya Tannoura
Beqaa Rachaiya Yanta
Beqaa Zahleh Aali en Nahri
Beqaa Zahleh Aanjar (Haouch Moussa)
Beqaa Zahleh Ablah
Beqaa Zahleh Ain Kfar Zabad
Beqaa Zahleh Barr Elias
Beqaa Zahleh Bouarej
Beqaa Zahleh Chtaura
Beqaa Zahleh Deir El Ghazal
Beqaa Zahleh Fourzol
Beqaa Zahleh Haret El Fikani
Beqaa Zahleh Hazerta
Beqaa Zahleh Jdita
Beqaa Zahleh Kfar Zabad
Beqaa Zahleh Majdel Aanjar
Beqaa Zahleh Makseh
Beqaa Zahleh Massa
Beqaa Zahleh Mrayjat (Zahleh)
Beqaa Zahleh Nabi Ayla
Beqaa Zahleh Nassriyeh
Beqaa Zahleh Niha (Zahleh)
Beqaa Zahleh Qaa Er Rim
Beqaa Zahleh Qabb Elias - Ouadi Ed Delm
Beqaa Zahleh Qoussaya
Beqaa Zahleh Raait
Beqaa Zahleh Riyaq - Haouch Hala
Beqaa Zahleh Saadnayel
Beqaa Zahleh Taalabaya
Beqaa Zahleh Terbol (Zahleh)
Beqaa Zahleh Zahleh - Maallaqa - Taanayel
Beirut Beirut Beirut
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Aabey - Ain Drafil
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Aaley
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Aaramoun (Aaley)
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Aaynab
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Aaytat
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Ain Aanoub
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Ain Dara
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Ain Ej Jdideh (Aaley)
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Ain Er Roummaneh (Aaley)
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Ain Es Saydeh
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Ain Ksour
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Baaouerta
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Bayssour (Aaley)
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Bchamoun
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Bdadoun
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Bedghane - Ouadi Bedghane
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Bhamdoun El Baladat
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Bhamdoun El Mhatta
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Binnay
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Bkhichtay
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Blaybel
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Bmahray
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Bmakine
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Bsatine (Aaley)
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Bsous
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Btalloun
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Btater
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Chanay
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Charoun
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Chartoun
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Chimlane
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Choueifat
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Daqqoun
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Deir Qoubel
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Dfoun
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Ghaboun
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Houmal
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Ighmid
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Kahhaleh
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Keyfoun
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Kfar Aammay
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Kfar Matta
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Majdel Baana
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Mansouriyet - Ain El Marj
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Mecherfeh
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Mejdlaiya (Aaley)
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Qmatiyeh
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Ramlieh
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Richmaiya
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Rijmeh
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Rimhala
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Rouaysset En Naamane
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Saoufar
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Sarhmoul
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Selfaya
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Souq El Gharb
Mount-Lebanon Aaley Taazaniyeh
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Aabadiyeh
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Aaraiya
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Aarbaniyé - Dlaybé
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Arsoun
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Baabda - Louayzé
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Baalchmay
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Bmaryam
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Borj El Brajneh
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Boutchay - Merdacheh
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Bsaba (Baabda)
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Btekhnay
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Bzebdine
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Chbaniyeh
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Chiyah
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Chouit
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Deir El Harf
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Falougha - Khalouat
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Furn Ech Chebbak - Ain El Remmané - Tahouitat el Nahr
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Ghbayreh
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Hadath Beirut - Haret el Botm - Sibné
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Hammana
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Haret es Sitt
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Haret Hreik
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Hasbaiya El Matn
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Hazmiyeh (Baabda)
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Hlaliyeh (Baabda)
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Jouar El Haouz
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Jouret Arsoun
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Kfar Chima
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Kfar Selouane
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Khreibeh (Baabda)
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Kneisseh (Baabda)
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Mreijé (Baabda) - Tahouitat El Ghadir - Laylaké
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Ouadi Chahrour El Aaoulia
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Ouadi Chahrour Es Soufla
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Qalaa (Baabda)
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Qobbayaa
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Qornayel
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Qortada
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Qrayeh (Baabda)
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Qsaibeh (Baabda)
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Ras El Harf
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Ras El Matn
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Rouaysset El Ballout
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Salima (Baabda)
Mount-Lebanon Baabda Tarchich
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Aalmane - Barghoutiyeh
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Aammatour
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Aammiq (Chouf)
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Aanout
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Aathrine
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Ain El Haour
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Ain Ouzain
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Ain Qani
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Ain Zhalta
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Ainbal
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Baadarane
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Baaqline
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Baassir - Haret Baassir
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Barja
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Barouk - Fraydis (Chouf)
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Bater
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Batloun
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Bchetfine
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Beit Ed Dine
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Bireh (Chouf)
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Botmeh
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Bourjein - Marjiyat (Chouf)
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Brih
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Bsaba (Chouf)
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Chhim
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Dahr El Mghara
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Dalhoun
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Damour
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Daraiya (Chouf)
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Deir Dourit
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Deir El Qamar
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Deir Koucheh
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Dibbiyeh
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Dmit
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Faouarat Jaafar
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Gharifeh
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Haret Jandal
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Hasrout
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Jadra - Ouadi Ez Zayni
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Jahliyeh
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Jbaa (Chouf)
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Jdaideh (Chouf)
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Jiyeh
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Joun
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Kahlouniyeh (Chouf)
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Ketermaya
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Kfar Faqoud
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Kfar Him
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Kfar Matta
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Kfar Nabrakh
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Kfar Niss
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Kfar Qatra
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Khreibeh (Chouf)
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Kneisseh (Chouf)
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Maasser Beit Ed Dine
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Maasser ech Chouf
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Majdel El Meouch
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Mazboud
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Mazraa (Chouf)
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Mazraat ed Dahr
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Mechref
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Mghayriyeh (Chouf)
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Moukhtara
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Mristi
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Mtolleh - Bzina
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Naameh - Haret En Naameh
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Niha (Chouf)
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Ouadi Es Sitt
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Ouardaniyeh
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Ouarhaniyeh
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Rmeileh (Chouf)
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Semqaniyeh
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Sibline
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Sirjbal
Mount-Lebanon Chouf Zaarouriyeh
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Aalmat - Souaneh
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Aamchit
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Aannaya - Kfar Baal
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Aaqoura (Jbeil)
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Afqa (Jbeil)
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Ain El Ghouaybeh
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Bejjeh
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Berbara
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Bichtilda
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Blat (Jbeil)
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Eddeh (Jbeil)
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Ehmej
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Fatreh
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Fidar
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Ghabat - Rouays
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Ghalboun
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Halate
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Hjoula
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Hosrayel
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Hsarat
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Hsoun
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Jaj
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Jbeil (Byblos)
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Jeddayel (Jbeil)
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Laqlouq (Aaqoura)
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Lassa
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Lehfed
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Majdel El Aaqoura
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Mayfouq - Qottara
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Mazraat Es Siyad
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Mchane
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Mechmech (Jbeil)
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Mghayreh (Jbeil)
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Mounsef
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Mzarib - Aarasta
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Nahr Ibrahim
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Qartaba
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Ras Osta
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Tartij
Mount-Lebanon Jbeil Yanouh - Hdiné
Mount-Lebanon Kersouane Nammoura - Kfar Jrayf
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Aachqout
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Aajaltoun
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Aaqaybeh (Kesrouane)
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Aaramoun (Kesrouane)
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Aazra Ouel Aazr
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Adma Oua Dafneh
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Ain Er Rihaneh (Kesrouane)
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Aintoura (Kesrouane)
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Ballouneh
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Batha
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Beqaatet Aachqout
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Beqaatet Kanaane
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Bouar
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Bqaatouta
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Bzoummar
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Chahtoul - Jouret Mhad
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Chnanair
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Daraiya (Kesrouane)
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Daraoun - Harissa
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Dlebta
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Faraya
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Fatqa
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Faytroun
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Ghazir
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Ghbaleh
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Ghidras
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Ghineh
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Ghosta
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Hayata
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Hrajel
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Hsayn
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Jaaita
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Jdaidet Ghazir - Harharaya - Qattine
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Jounieh
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Jouret Bedrane
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Jouret Et Termos
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Kfar Dibiane
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Kfar Tay (Kesrouane)
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Kfour (Kesrouane)
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Maaysra (Kesrouane)
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Mayrouba
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Ouata Ej Jaouz
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Qleiaat (Kesrouane)
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Raachine
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Rayfoun
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Safra (Kesrouane)
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Sehayleh (Kesrouane)
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Tabarja - Kfar Yassine
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Yahchouch
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Zaaitreh
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Zaitoun
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Zouk Mkayel
Mount-Lebanon Kesrouane Zouk Mosbeh
Mount-Lebanon Matn Aatchaneh
Mount-Lebanon Matn Aayoun (Matn)
Mount-Lebanon Matn Aayroun
Mount-Lebanon Matn Ain Es Sofsaf - Mar Mikhayel Bnabil
Mount-Lebanon Matn Ain Saadeh
Mount-Lebanon Matn Aintoura (Matn)
Mount-Lebanon Matn Antelias - Naqqach
Mount-Lebanon Matn Baabdat
Mount-Lebanon Matn Baskinta
Mount-Lebanon Matn Beit Chaar - Mazraat El Hadira
Mount-Lebanon Matn Beit Chabab - Chaouiyeh El Qnaytra
Mount-Lebanon Matn Beit Meri
Mount-Lebanon Matn Bikfaya - Mhaiydseh
Mount-Lebanon Matn Borj Hammoud
Mount-Lebanon Matn Broummana
Mount-Lebanon Matn Bsalim - Majzoub - Mezher
Mount-Lebanon Matn Bteghrine
Mount-Lebanon Matn Byaqout
Mount-Lebanon Matn Choueir - Ain El Sindiane
Mount-Lebanon Matn Dahr Es Souane (Matn)
Mount-Lebanon Matn Dbayé - Zouq El Kharab - Mar Youssef - Aaoukar
Mount-Lebanon Matn Dekouaneh - Deir Mar Roukoz - Dahr El Hossein
Mount-Lebanon Matn Dik El Mehdi - Deir Tamish
Mount-Lebanon Matn Douar (Matn)
Mount-Lebanon Matn Fanar
Mount-Lebanon Matn Ghabeh
Mount-Lebanon Matn Himlaya
Mount-Lebanon Matn Jall Ed Dib - Bqennaya
Mount-Lebanon Matn Jdaidet El Matn - Baouchriyeh - Sadd El Baouchriyeh
Mount-Lebanon Matn Kfar Aaqab
Mount-Lebanon Matn Kfar Tay (Matn)
Mount-Lebanon Matn Khinchara - Jouar
Mount-Lebanon Matn Majdel Tarchich
Mount-Lebanon Matn Mansouriyeh - Mkalles - Daychouniyeh
Mount-Lebanon Matn Mar Chaaya - Mzakkeh
Mount-Lebanon Matn Mar Moussa - Ed Douar
Mount-Lebanon Matn Marjaba
Mount-Lebanon Matn Mazraat Yachouaa
Mount-Lebanon Matn Mrouj
Mount-Lebanon Matn Mtain - Mchikha
Mount-Lebanon Matn Mtayleb
Mount-Lebanon Matn Nabay
Mount-Lebanon Matn Ouata El Mrouj - Ghabet Bolonia
Mount-Lebanon Matn Qaaqour
Mount-Lebanon Matn Qennabet Broummana
Mount-Lebanon Matn Qornet Chahouane - Ain Aar - Beit El Kekko - Hbous
Mount-Lebanon Matn Qornet El Hamra
Mount-Lebanon Matn Rabiyeh
Mount-Lebanon Matn Roumieh
Mount-Lebanon Matn Saqiet El Misk - Bhersaf
Mount-Lebanon Matn Sinn El Fil
Mount-Lebanon Matn Zakrit
Mount-Lebanon Matn Zalqa - Aamaret Chalhoub
Mount-Lebanon Matn Zaraaoun
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Aaynata (Bent Jbeil)
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Aayta Ech Chaab
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Aayta Ej Jabal (Zott)
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Aaytaroun
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Ain Ebel
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Baraachit
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Beit Lif
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Beit Yahoun
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Bent Jbeil
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Borj Qalaouiyeh
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Chaqra - Doubay
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Debl
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Deir Ntar
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Froun
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Ghandouriyeh (Bent Jbeil)
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Haddatha
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Hanine
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Hariss
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Jmaijmeh
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Kafra (Bent Jbeil)
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Kfar Dounine
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Khirbet Selm
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Kounine
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Maroun Er Ras
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Qalaouiyeh
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Qaouzah
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Rachaf
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Ramiyeh (Bent Jbeil)
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Rmaych
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Safad El Battikh
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Soultaniyeh
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Srobbine
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Tibnine
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Tiri
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Yaroun
Nabatiyeh Bent Jbeil Yater
Nabatiyeh Hasbaiya Ain Qinia
Nabatiyeh Hasbaiya Chebaa (Hasbaiya)
Nabatiyeh Hasbaiya Chouaya (Hasbaiya)
Nabatiyeh Hasbaiya Dellafi
Nabatiyeh Hasbaiya Fardis
Nabatiyeh Hasbaiya Hasbaiya
Nabatiyeh Hasbaiya Hebbariyeh
Nabatiyeh Hasbaiya Kaoukaba (Hasbaiya)
Nabatiyeh Hasbaiya Kfar Chouba
Nabatiyeh Hasbaiya Kfar Hamam
Nabatiyeh Hasbaiya Kfayr Ez Zait
Nabatiyeh Hasbaiya Khalouat (Hasbaiya)
Nabatiyeh Hasbaiya Majidiyeh - Meri
Nabatiyeh Hasbaiya Marj Ez Zouhour (Dnaibeh)
Nabatiyeh Hasbaiya Mimess
Nabatiyeh Hasbaiya Rachaiya El Foukhar
Nabatiyeh Marjaayoun Aadaysseh (Marjaayoun)
Nabatiyeh Marjaayoun Aadchit (Qoussair)
Nabatiyeh Marjaayoun Bani Haiyane
Nabatiyeh Marjaayoun Blat
Nabatiyeh Marjaayoun Blida
Nabatiyeh Marjaayoun Borj El Mlouk
Nabatiyeh Marjaayoun Deir Mimas
Nabatiyeh Marjaayoun Deir Siriane
Nabatiyeh Marjaayoun Dibbine
Nabatiyeh Marjaayoun Houla
Nabatiyeh Marjaayoun Ibl Es Saqi
Nabatiyeh Marjaayoun Jdaideh (Marjaayoun)
Nabatiyeh Marjaayoun Kfar Kila
Nabatiyeh Marjaayoun Khiyam
Nabatiyeh Marjaayoun Majdel Selm
Nabatiyeh Marjaayoun Markaba
Nabatiyeh Marjaayoun Meiss Ej Jabal
Nabatiyeh Marjaayoun Ouazzani
Nabatiyeh Marjaayoun Qabrikha
Nabatiyeh Marjaayoun Qantara (Marjaayoun)
Nabatiyeh Marjaayoun Qlaiaa
Nabatiyeh Marjaayoun Rabb Et Talatine
Nabatiyeh Marjaayoun Souaneh (Marjaayoun)
Nabatiyeh Marjaayoun Talloussa
Nabatiyeh Marjaayoun Taybeh (Marjaayoun)
Nabatiyeh Marjaayoun Touline
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Aabba
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Aadchit Ech Chqif
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Aarab Salim
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Aazzi
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Ain Qana
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Arnoun
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Braiqeaa
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Charqiyeh
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Choukine
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Deir Ez Zahrani
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Douair (Nabatiyeh)
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Habbouch
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Harouf (Nabatiyeh)
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Houmine El Faouqa
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Houmine Et Tahta
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Insar
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Jarjouaa
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Jbaa (Nabatiyeh) - Ain Bou Souar
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Jibchit
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Kfar Fila
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Kfar Roummane
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Kfar Sir
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Kfar Tibnit
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Kfour (Nabatiyeh)
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Mayfadoun
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh El Faouqa
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Et Tahta
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Nmairiyeh
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Qaaqaiyet Ej Jisr
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Qsaibeh (Nabatiyeh)
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Roumine
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Sarba (Nabatiyeh)
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Sineh
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Sir el Gharbiyeh
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Yohmor (Nabatiyeh)
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Zaoutar Ech Charqiyeh
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Zaoutar El Gharbiyeh
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Zefta
Nabatiyeh Nabatiyeh Zibdine (Nabatiyeh)
North-Lebanon Batroun Aabrine
North-Lebanon Batroun Assia
North-Lebanon Batroun Batroun
North-Lebanon Batroun Bcheaali
North-Lebanon Batroun Beit Chlala
North-Lebanon Batroun Boqsmaiya
North-Lebanon Batroun Chatine
North-Lebanon Batroun Chekka
North-Lebanon Batroun Chibtine
North-Lebanon Batroun Deir Billa
North-Lebanon Batroun Douma
North-Lebanon Batroun Eddeh (Batroun)
North-Lebanon Batroun Hamat
North-Lebanon Batroun Hardine - Beit Kessab
North-Lebanon Batroun Heri
North-Lebanon Batroun Ijdabra
North-Lebanon Batroun Jrane
North-Lebanon Batroun Kfar Aabida
North-Lebanon Batroun Kfar Hay (Batroun)
North-Lebanon Batroun Kfar Hilda
North-Lebanon Batroun Kfour El Aarbi
North-Lebanon Batroun Koubba
North-Lebanon Batroun Kour
North-Lebanon Batroun Mehmarch
North-Lebanon Batroun Ras Nahhach
North-Lebanon Batroun Selaata
North-Lebanon Batroun Tannourine El Tahta - Tannourine El Faouqa - Ouata Houb
North-Lebanon Batroun Thoum
North-Lebanon Batroun Zane
North-Lebanon Bcharreh Aabdine (Bcharreh)
North-Lebanon Bcharreh Bane
North-Lebanon Bcharreh Bazaaoun
North-Lebanon Bcharreh Bcharreh
North-Lebanon Bcharreh Berhalioun
North-Lebanon Bcharreh Bqaa Kafra
North-Lebanon Bcharreh Bqerqacha
North-Lebanon Bcharreh Hadath Ej Joubbeh
North-Lebanon Bcharreh Hadchit
North-Lebanon Bcharreh Hasroun
North-Lebanon Bcharreh Qnat
North-Lebanon Bcharreh Tourza
North-Lebanon Koura Aaba
North-Lebanon Koura Aafsdiq
North-Lebanon Koura Ain Aakrine
North-Lebanon Koura Amioun
North-Lebanon Koura Barsa
North-Lebanon Koura Batroumine
North-Lebanon Koura Bdebba
North-Lebanon Koura Bechmizzine
North-Lebanon Koura Bednayel (Koura)
North-Lebanon Koura Bkeftine
North-Lebanon Koura Bsarma
North-Lebanon Koura Btaaboura
North-Lebanon Koura Bterram
North-Lebanon Koura Btouratij
North-Lebanon Koura Bziza
North-Lebanon Koura Dar Baaechtar
North-Lebanon Koura Dar Chmizzine
North-Lebanon Koura Deddeh
North-Lebanon Koura Enfeh
North-Lebanon Koura Fiaa
North-Lebanon Koura Ijdaabrine
North-Lebanon Koura Kaftoun
North-Lebanon Koura Kefraiya (Koura)
North-Lebanon Koura Kfar Aaqqa
North-Lebanon Koura Kfar Hata (Koura)
North-Lebanon Koura Kfar Hazir
North-Lebanon Koura Kfar Qahel
North-Lebanon Koura Kfar Saroun (Koura)
North-Lebanon Koura Kousba
North-Lebanon Koura Majdel - Zakzouk - Ouata Fares
North-Lebanon Koura Metrit
North-Lebanon Koura Nakhleh
North-Lebanon Koura Qalhat
North-Lebanon Koura Ras Masqa
North-Lebanon Koura Rechdibbine
North-Lebanon Koura Zakroun
North-Lebanon Minieh-Danniyeh Aassoun
North-Lebanon Minieh-Danniyeh Aaymar
North-Lebanon Minieh-Danniyeh Aazqai
North-Lebanon Minieh-Danniyeh Ain Et Tineh (Minieh-Danniyeh)
North-Lebanon Minieh-Danniyeh Bakhaoun
North-Lebanon Minieh-Danniyeh Beddaoui
North-Lebanon Minieh-Danniyeh Behouaita - Afqa - Bchennata
North-Lebanon Minieh-Danniyeh Beit El Faqs
North-Lebanon Minieh-Danniyeh Bhanine - Mazraat Artoussi - Rihaniyé
North-Lebanon Minieh-Danniyeh Borj El Yahoudiyeh
North-Lebanon Minieh-Danniyeh Bqaa Safrine
North-Lebanon Minieh-Danniyeh Bqarsouna
North-Lebanon Minieh-Danniyeh Btermaz
North-Lebanon Minieh-Danniyeh Deir Aammar
North-Lebanon Minieh-Danniyeh Deir Nbouh
North-Lebanon Minieh-Danniyeh Haql El Aazimeh
North-Lebanon Minieh-Danniyeh Harf Es Syad
North-Lebanon Minieh-Danniyeh Hazmiyeh (Minieh-Danniyeh)
North-Lebanon Minieh-Danniyeh Izal
North-Lebanon Minieh-Danniyeh Karm El Mohr
North-Lebanon Minieh-Danniyeh Kfar Bebnine
North-Lebanon Minieh-Danniyeh Kfar Chellane
North-Lebanon Minieh-Danniyeh Kfar Habou
North-Lebanon Minieh-Danniyeh Markebta
North-Lebanon Minieh-Danniyeh Minieh - Nabi Youcheaa
North-Lebanon Minieh-Danniyeh Mrah Es Srayj
North-Lebanon Minieh-Danniyeh Nimrine - Bakouza
North-Lebanon Minieh-Danniyeh Ouadi En Nahleh
North-Lebanon Minieh-Danniyeh Qarsaita
North-Lebanon Minieh-Danniyeh Qattine (Minieh-Danniyeh)
North-Lebanon Minieh-Danniyeh Sfireh
North-Lebanon Minieh-Danniyeh Sir
North-Lebanon Minieh-Danniyeh Tarane
North-Lebanon Tripoli Mina
North-Lebanon Tripoli Qalamoun
North-Lebanon Tripoli Tripoli
North-Lebanon Zgharta Aachach
North-Lebanon Zgharta Aaintourine
North-Lebanon Zgharta Aalma
North-Lebanon Zgharta Aarbet Qouzhaiya
North-Lebanon Zgharta Aarjes
North-Lebanon Zgharta Ardé - Harf Arden - Beit Okar - Beit Abid
North-Lebanon Zgharta Aytou
North-Lebanon Zgharta Baslouqit
North-Lebanon Zgharta Bhayri (Zgharta)
North-Lebanon Zgharta Bneshaai
North-Lebanon Zgharta Daraiya - Bchannine
North-Lebanon Zgharta Haret el Fouar
North-Lebanon Zgharta Iaal
North-Lebanon Zgharta Karm Saddeh
North-Lebanon Zgharta Kfar Dlaqous
North-Lebanon Zgharta Kfar Fou
North-Lebanon Zgharta Kfar Hata (Zgharta)
North-Lebanon Zgharta Kfar Sghab
North-Lebanon Zgharta Kfar Yachit - Besebaal
North-Lebanon Zgharta Kfar Zeina
North-Lebanon Zgharta Mazraat Et Teffah
North-Lebanon Zgharta Mejdlaiya (Zgharta)
North-Lebanon Zgharta Miriata - Qadriyeh
North-Lebanon Zgharta Miziara - Harf - Hmaiss - Sakhra
North-Lebanon Zgharta Qarah Bach
North-Lebanon Zgharta Rachaaine
North-Lebanon Zgharta Ras Kifa
North-Lebanon Zgharta Sebaal (Zgharta)
North-Lebanon Zgharta Seraal
North-Lebanon Zgharta Toula - Aslout
North-Lebanon Zgharta Zgharta - Ehden
South-Lebanon Jezzine Aaramta
South-Lebanon Jezzine Aaray
South-Lebanon Jezzine Aaychiyeh
South-Lebanon Jezzine Aazour
South-Lebanon Jezzine Ain El Mir
South-Lebanon Jezzine Anane
South-Lebanon Jezzine Benouati (Jezzine)
South-Lebanon Jezzine Bkassine
South-Lebanon Jezzine Bteddine El Liqch
South-Lebanon Jezzine Haytoura
South-Lebanon Jezzine Homsiyeh
South-Lebanon Jezzine Jarmaq
South-Lebanon Jezzine Jernaya
South-Lebanon Jezzine Jezzine - Ain Majdalayne
South-Lebanon Jezzine Karkha
South-Lebanon Jezzine Kfar Falous
South-Lebanon Jezzine Kfar Houneh
South-Lebanon Jezzine Kfar Jarra
South-Lebanon Jezzine Lebaa
South-Lebanon Jezzine Louayzeh (Jezzine)
South-Lebanon Jezzine Machmoucheh
South-Lebanon Jezzine Maknouniyeh
South-Lebanon Jezzine Midane (Jezzine)
South-Lebanon Jezzine Mjeydil (Jezzine)
South-Lebanon Jezzine Mlikh
South-Lebanon Jezzine Ouadi Jezzine
South-Lebanon Jezzine Qatine - Hidab
South-Lebanon Jezzine Qaytouli
South-Lebanon Jezzine Rihane (Jezzine)
South-Lebanon Jezzine Rimat - Chqedif
South-Lebanon Jezzine Roum
South-Lebanon Jezzine Sabbah
South-Lebanon Jezzine Saydoun
South-Lebanon Jezzine Sejoud
South-Lebanon Jezzine Sfaray
South-Lebanon Jezzine Snaiya
South-Lebanon Jezzine Zhilta
South-Lebanon Saida Aabra
South-Lebanon Saida Aaddoussiyeh
South-Lebanon Saida Aadloun
South-Lebanon Saida Aanqoun
South-Lebanon Saida Aaqtanit
South-Lebanon Saida Aarab Tabbaya
South-Lebanon Saida Ain Ed Delb
South-Lebanon Saida Arzai
South-Lebanon Saida Babliyeh
South-Lebanon Saida Barti
South-Lebanon Saida Bissariyeh
South-Lebanon Saida Bnaafoul
South-Lebanon Saida Bqosta
South-Lebanon Saida Bramiyeh
South-Lebanon Saida Darb es Sim
South-Lebanon Saida Erkay
South-Lebanon Saida Ghassaniyeh
South-Lebanon Saida Ghaziyeh
South-Lebanon Saida Hajjeh
South-Lebanon Saida Haret Saida
South-Lebanon Saida Hlaliyeh (Saida)
South-Lebanon Saida Insariyeh
South-Lebanon Saida Kaouthariyet Es Siyad
South-Lebanon Saida Kfar Beit
South-Lebanon Saida Kfar Chellal (Saida)
South-Lebanon Saida Kfar Hatta
South-Lebanon Saida Kfar Melki (Saida)
South-Lebanon Saida Kharayeb (Saida)
South-Lebanon Saida Khartoum
South-Lebanon Saida Loubieh
South-Lebanon Saida Maamariyeh
South-Lebanon Saida Maghdoucheh
South-Lebanon Saida Majdelyoun
South-Lebanon Saida Merouaniyeh
South-Lebanon Saida Miyeh ou Miyeh
South-Lebanon Saida Najjariyeh
South-Lebanon Saida Qaaqaaiyet Es Snaoubar
South-Lebanon Saida Qennarit
South-Lebanon Saida Qraiyeh (Saida)
South-Lebanon Saida Saida (Sidon)
South-Lebanon Saida Saksakiyeh
South-Lebanon Saida Salhiyeh (Saida)
South-Lebanon Saida Sarafand
South-Lebanon Saida Tanbourit
South-Lebanon Saida Teffahta
South-Lebanon Saida Zeita
South-Lebanon Saida Zrariyeh
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Aabbassiyeh (Sour)
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Aalma ech Chaab
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Aaytit
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Ain Baal (Sour)
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Arzoun
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Baflay
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Barich
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Batoulay
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Bazouriyeh
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Bedias
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Biyad
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Borj Ech Chemali
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Borj Rahhal - Ain Abou Abdallah - Ain Zarka
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Bourgheliyeh
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Boustane (Sour)
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Chaitiyé - Malkiyet Es Sahel
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Chamaa
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Chehabiyeh
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Chehour
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Chihine
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Debaal
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Deir Aames
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Deir Kifa (Sour)
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Deir Qanoun El Ain
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Deir Qanoun En Nahr
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Derdghaya
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Dhayra
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Halloussiyeh
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Hanaouay
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Henniyeh
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Hmairi (Sour)
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Jbal El Botm
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Jennata
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Jibbain
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Jouaiya
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Kneisseh (Sour)
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Maarakeh
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Maaroub
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Mahrouna
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Majdel Zoun
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Mansouri
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Mazraat El Mechref
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Mazraat Ez Zalloutieh
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Merouahine
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Mjadel (Tyr)
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Naffakhiyeh
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Naqoura
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Qana
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Qlaileh (Sour)
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Recheknanay
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Rmadiyeh
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Saddiqine
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Selaa
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Sour (Tyr)
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Srifa
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Tayr Debba
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Tayr Falsay
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Tayr Harfa
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Toura
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Yanouh (Sour)
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Yarine
South-Lebanon Tyr (Sour) Zebqine