Beit Ayoub

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Lebanese Ministry of Interior and Municipalities -
Official Journal - Lebanese Republic -
Central Administration of Statistics -


Beit Ayoub is located in the kaza of Aakkar, an administrative division of the muhafazah of Aakkar.

Muhafazah Kaza Distance from Beirut (km)
Aakkar Aakkar 123

Area of ​​the registration division

The following data are based from a publication of the Central Administration of Statistics (2005). (non-exhaustive list).

Registration divisions Area (hectares)
Beit Ayoub 47
Kaza # of registration divisions Average (hectares) Total of areas (hectares)
Aakkar 169 470 78,927

Local authorities

Village/towns/cities # of municipal councils seats # of mukhtar·s
Beit Ayoub 12 1

Conseil municipal

Liste des élu·e·s (2016)
طلال خضر مصطفى
عبد القادر خضر حسن
احمد ديب خليل
سمير احمد احمد
طه مصطفى أيوب
احمد محمد اسعد
حسين محمد محمد
هشام خالد علي
حسين محمد عمر
محمد عبد الرزاق ديب
ناصر علي حسين
عبد الرحمن محمد عمر


The following data are taken from the primary voters lists, published by the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities in early 2017

Composition of the electorate according to primary electoral lists (early 2017)
Voters Sunnites
1,155 1,155

Electoral data

Municipal elections of 2016

The following data are taken from the 2016 municipal and ikhtiaria-s elections results, published by the Lebanese Ministry of Interior and Municipalities in 2016.

Candidates Elected Non-elected
25 12 13
Candidat·e·s élu·e·s
Candidat·e·s Voix
طلال خضر مصطفى 452
عبد القادر خضر حسن 447
احمد ديب خليل 435
سمير احمد احمد 431
طه مصطفى أيوب 418
احمد محمد اسعد 417
حسين محمد محمد 401
هشام خالد علي 400
حسين محمد عمر 386
محمد عبد الرزاق ديب 386
ناصر علي حسين 382
عبد الرحمن محمد عمر 379
Candidat·e·s non élu·e·s
Candidat·e·s Voix
يحي محمد علي 378
علي حسين حسين 377
محمد علي حسين 376
مرهج محمد عمر علي 375
علي عبده عمر 374
عبد الكريم احمد حسن 372
احمد خضر علي محمد عمر 370
خضر علي حسن 367
حسين محمد خليل 365
محمد علي حسين 360
محمد شحادة اسعد 357
حسين احمد حسين احمد حسين 354
عبد المجيد خضر عبد المجيد 0

Distribution of the independent municipal fund proceeds

The following data are taken from decrees published in the Official Journal. Amounts are in thousands of Lebanese pounds.

Municipalities’ shares by year in thousands of Lebanese pounds (LBP)

Federation of municipalities

Municipality of Beit Ayoub is a member of Fédération des municipalités de Jord El Qaytaa.

Muhafazah Kaza Federations of municipalities
Aakkar Aakkar Fédération des municipalités de Jord El Qaytaa
Municipalities member of the federation
Municipalities Kaza Muhafazah
Bzal Aakkar Aakkar
Chane Aakkar Aakkar
Fnaydeq Aakkar Aakkar
Houaich Aakkar Aakkar
Hrar Aakkar Aakkar
Mechmech (Aakkar) Aakkar Aakkar
Sfinet El Qayteaa Aakkar Aakkar
Qraiyat (Aakkar) Aakkar Aakkar
Qabaait Aakkar Aakkar