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Fayadiyeh is located in the kaza of Baabda, an administrative division of the muhafazah of Mont-Liban.

Muhafazah Kaza Distance from Beirut (km)
Mont-Liban Baabda 8

Area of ​​the registration division

The following data are based from a publication of the Central Administration of Statistics (2005). (non-exhaustive list).

Registration divisions
Kaza # of registration divisions Average (hectares) Total of areas (hectares)
Baabda 57 341 19,440

Local authorities

Village/towns/cities # of mukhtar·s
Fayadiyeh 1


The following data are taken from the primary voters lists, published by the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities in early 2017

Composition of the electorate according to primary electoral lists (early 2017)
Voters Arméniens catholiques Grecs-orthodoxes Maronites Melkites
218 8 10 187 13

Federation of municipalities

Municipality of Fayadiyeh is a member of Fédération des municipalités de Sahel El Matn El Janoubi.

Muhafazah Kaza Federations of municipalities
Mont-Liban Baabda Fédération des municipalités de Sahel El Matn El Janoubi
Municipalities member of the federation
Municipalities Kaza Muhafazah
Baabda Baabda Mont-Liban
Louayzeh Baabda Mont-Liban
Hazmiyeh (Baabda) Baabda Mont-Liban
Ain Er Roummaneh (Chiyah) Baabda Mont-Liban
Furn Ech Chebbak Baabda Mont-Liban
Tahouitet En Nahr Baabda Mont-Liban