Ouadi El Haour

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Ouadi El Haour is located in the kaza of Aakkar, an administrative division of the muhafazah of Aakkar.

Muhafazah Kaza Distance from Beirut (km)
Aakkar Aakkar 125

Area of ​​the registration division

The following data are based from a publication of the Central Administration of Statistics (2005). (non-exhaustive list).

Registration divisions Area (hectares)
Ouadi El Haour 73
Kaza # of registration divisions Average (hectares) Total of areas (hectares)
Aakkar 169 470 78,927

Local authorities

Village/towns/cities # of municipal councils seats # of mukhtar·s
Ouadi El Haour 9 1

Conseil municipal

Liste des élu·e·s (2016)
علي حسن العلمان
حسين خالد حسين محمد
محمد عبدو الاحمد
احمد حسين حسين
عبدالله احمد العلمان
رانيا ابراهيم مصطفى
فادي سعدالله محمد
جلانار محمد شوام
محمد عبد الكريم الاحمد


The following data are taken from the primary voters lists, published by the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities in early 2017

Composition of the electorate according to primary electoral lists (early 2017)
Voters Sunnites
514 514

Electoral data

Municipal elections of 2016

The following data are taken from the 2016 municipal and ikhtiaria-s elections results, published by the Lebanese Ministry of Interior and Municipalities in 2016.

Candidates Elected
9 9
Candidat·e·s élu·e·s
Candidat·e·s Voix
علي حسن العلمان 0
حسين خالد حسين محمد 0
محمد عبدو الاحمد 0
احمد حسين حسين 0
عبدالله احمد العلمان 0
رانيا ابراهيم مصطفى 0
فادي سعدالله محمد 0
جلانار محمد شوام 0
محمد عبد الكريم الاحمد 0

Distribution of the independent municipal fund proceeds

The following data are taken from decrees published in the Official Journal. Amounts are in thousands of Lebanese pounds.

Municipalities’ shares by year in thousands of Lebanese pounds (LBP)